• Retailers innovate constantly to keep a competitive edge
  • Retailers put the customer at the centre of their businesses
  • Retailers run sophisticated logistics operations
  • The internet is transforming retailers into multichannel businesses
  • Retailers are drivers of sustainable consumption and production

About ERRT

The European Retail Round Table (ERRT) brings together the CEOs of Europe’s leading international retail companies.

They are active in a variety of retail markets, including food, furniture, fashion, and electronics, amongst others. Each retailer has both physical stores as well as multichannel operations in Europe.

The retail sector is of fundamental importance to the European economy and the well-being of EU citizens. ERRT promotes a Single Market in Retail, the delivery of a more sustainable consumption model, and the creation of new market opportunities globally.

Together, ERRT companies employ around 2 million European citizens, operate nearly 50,000 stores in Europe, and serve 335 million customers each week. 




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