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  • Tuesday 19 November 2013

    Europe’s Payment Users Call for a Fair, Competitive and Transparent Payment System

    The European Payment Users Alliance is a group of European payment users who have come together to call for more transparency and competition in the payments market. We welcome the package of proposed payments legislation announced on 24 July 2013 but we wish to draw attention to the needs of end-users and highlight where the current proposals do not go far enough. Given its potential to bring significant benefit to consumers, this legislation must be treated as an absolute priority. We urge decision-makers to amend the proposals as set out below.

  • Thursday 17 October 2013

    Retailers' Environmental Action Programme Annual Report 2013

    REAP members are determined to fulfil their environmental responsibilities, despite the economic crisis which has hit retail as any other sector. Today, environmental sustainability is fully integrated into the overall strategy of the REAP – Retailers Environmental Action Programme - members and the commitment of the whole sector to tackle environmental challenges remains intact. REAP members are steadfast in their resolve to encourage their customers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. The challenge for retail is to make the sustainable choice the easy choice for consumers. Where possible we will accompany them along the way. In this difficult climate, this fourth edition of our annual report is of particular importance to us.

  • Thursday 17 October 2013

    European retailers lead the way towards a sustainable future in a resource-constrained world

    The fourth edition of the Retail Forum for Sustainability’s Annual Event which took place today confirmed retailers’ unwavering commitment to living up to their environmental responsibilities. Moreover, it proved that their enthusiasm for finding innovative solutions to meet their ambitious targets has not been dampened by the tough economic climate.

  • Monday 16 September 2013

    Launch of The Supply Chain Initiative: Together for good trading practices

    Today during a special event held in Brussels, seven EU associations launched ‘The Supply Chain Initiative’ with the aim of ensuring fairness in commercial relations along the food supply chain.